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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sometimes,I Wonder How Lucky I Am,To Fell In Love With My Senior...
Ive Thought Bout Giving Up On Love,But U came...And I Yes,I Chose To Be Ur Fren...
But My feelings For You Grew...And It Grew.....Till The Point That My Heart Leaves A Hole
For You To Fill In... And Thou It Started On A Rough Spot...We managed To Last 3 Months Together...But I Noe I Was breaking Ur Heart Slowly..And So I Let U Go,Coz I cant Bare To See U Get Hurt,Coz Of Me......But after 4 Months,U Came Back To Me... And I Was Sure,That I Wont Make The Same Mistakes Ive Did In The Past...Coz Ive Oredi Made Up My Mind That Ur The One For Me,Never Before I Have Love Someone Like You Wifey....Plz Don Leave Me Lonely,Stay With Me...Now And Forever Nurulasheera bte Amzah

"Listen To My Story,"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finally updating i guess?? Hahs
I Was Reading Some Of My Past Posts And Gosh I realise Hw Noobish I Am
Hahha...So yea?? Nt Gonna Be Blogging fer awhile....
due To Lazy-nism...
I Love My Wifey ^^

"Listen To My Story,"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boom!!! Back To Blogging People....Huak2....
Been Busy With School&Social Life yeaa???
Schools been Kinda Ok Fer Me....At Least Im Able To understand maths at a faster pace....
Soo Good Fer Me Yea...and yeaa...i realised That My Hair Is Brown...Huak2 ^^
So Ill Prolly Have To tell E Teachers That My Hair Is Naturally Brown...which is practicaaly truee But Mr.Soe Wouldnt believe and this results in damaging My Hair wif Different hair dye Brands -_____-...Nvm.....Like as If I Care What My Hair colour is in school -____-
Life Has been Great Too.....Met Some New Frens.....Get Closer...Usual stuffs....
Lepak-ed Wif
Skiid,Elmo,Sonic,zakir,Few Days Back??? Rather great Meeting new frens?? Hahs...
Real Great...
Celebrated My Belated Bday With Cuzzies And Members...Realy Awesome....^^
Woots2!!! XD
-Lazy Blog-
-Lazy me-
And I Wanna Watch despicable me-

"Listen To My Story,"